Physical Signs Of Ageing

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Premature ageing of skin is a matter of concern. Upon investigation, we will realize how we contribute to the ageing of our skin. Some of our unhealthy habits are responsible for premature skin ageing. Let us look at some of them now. Smoking is the first one. Whether you smoke actively or passively, smoking accelerates skin ageing. Researches have shown that cigarette smoke increases skin wrinkles and patches and make it dry by decreasing vitamin C content. Being exposed to the sun is number two. Long-time sun exposure without any protection leads to skin ageing. It welcomes sun spots, skin texture damage, acne, etc.

Less active people will have less blood flow to the skin tissues making the skin pale as exercise triggers sufficient blood flow in all tissues and lack of training does the opposite. Practice also gives more energy that does not let us get tired quickly, makes our mind fresh and a fresh mind always gives the brighter appearance. The fourth one is alcohol. It dilates the blood vessels in the skin and gives a flushed looking skin. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis may have more severe effects. Finally, not getting enough sleep can be a problem as well, and can lead to the need for a facelift Manchester service, or one elsewhere in the UK.

Every adult person needs 8-9 hours of sleep. But we are careless and love to suffer. We sleep for less time by giving excuses like being busy and thus invite dark eye circles, pale skin, and a tired looking face. If we are so careless to prevent it before it comes, at least we can get signals from the symptoms and try to fix it. So, you may be wondering what some of the symptoms are. The first one is age spots. These are brownish spots that darken over a period. These spots can be seen on hands, the face and the back. Other symptoms may include spider veins on the front, having a rough and leathery texture to your skin, rashes or blisters, and even fine lines.

So, now that we know the signs of skin ageing, we can go for some treatment. The easiest way is to pick up some good branded anti-ageing products and use them consciously. The brands usually promise to give you younger looking skin in a few weeks’ time. Not bad. At least something is better than nothing. But, if we need an instant solution, we can go for injectable fillers and botulinum toxins, but this can be very expensive. Radiofrequency is another treatment, and it offers an alternative approach to a facelift. Finally, you might want to consider dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, chemical peelings to get smooth and refreshing looking skin.

Visiting a skin expert or dermatologist will be a good option if we are confused about the best method to choose for the treatment of the premature skin ageing problem. Experts can examine and decide the stage of the skin ageing and accordingly can help us determine the right method. So, it is better late than never. We should all be conscious of our skin health and take care of it through a facelift Manchester option.