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If you own a limited company or an unincorporated business and are looking for the complete business advisory service, Milfords can help you manage your affairs more efficiently.

We provide much more than the usual audit and accounts service, and our expertise ensures that each client receives constructive advice when required.

We are confident that we can help you and your business - give us the opportunity to show you how

Investment and financial services

We believe that because we deal with your tax return we are well placed to offer impartial advice in areas such as:

* Pension schemes
* Life assurance
* use this online savings calculator to find out how much you could save in the future
* Critical illness cover
* Private medical insurance and care plans
* calculate your pension age with our free pension calculator
* Individual savings accounts
* Investments

At the same time, we realise that in today's complicated financial markets these are areas that require claims solicitor specialist knowledge - which is where we make use of our associated company HNL Financial Services Limited that is an independant financial adviser (link to their part of the site).

You can see some of our ideas for how we might do this but please remember that this is YOUR website, paid for with YOUR taxes. We want to make this into the most useful business website in the UK - so please let us have your ideas.

Make us your first port of call and we shall make sure you receive reliable, professional advice.

Newly built investment properties also have many other benefits such as discounts, no maintenance, new-build warranties and gives you the chance to secure the right investment in the development of investment in property,mortgage,your choice in most circumstances before the general public can purchase the property

This website has been running since April 2010 and since then we have improved the speed and navigation of the site and added new features in response to your comments. We plan to improve it further over the next few months and would very much welcome your comments and suggestions. One new product is insurance for designers which may be of interest.

Owning a property in a far away country where the sun shines year round is the dream of many. At Brookes & Co. we offer our clients investment properties and land in Florida and the Caribbean. Some of our recent projects have been available for sale in the Bahamas, Lake County Florida & Antigua. We have turned dreams into reality for numerous clients, all of whom have seen substantial reward for their investment.

By buying an investment property today you are purchasing at todays prices and by the time of completion it may well have increased in value making you an immediate return on your property investment.

Purchasing your property investment while it is off plan, often gives you the chance to purchase the investment property with a lower initial outlay which gives you the chance to purchase more investment properties using the same amount of capital.

We have a rapidly growing number of clients based all over the UK, who value a high quality personal service from their accountants over close proximity.   Submit all of your details and information on line, by post or by telephone and receive your requirements in the same way.  Save yourself the time and expense of driving to your accountants, parking and having meetings when there are other ways of communicating.

Tax does not have to be taxing

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Read what our cliients say about Ewart. The firm are delighted to be involved with our clients.

2012 News: The firm are delighted to announce the graduation of two of our staff as members of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). After three years of study and work based training